Who We Are and What We Do

WE ARE THE LEAGUE OF THE NORTH. We are Canadians of Northern Ontario, proud of our ancestry and roots in the Fatherland. We are loyal sons and daughters of Mother Evropa. We stand for our people, culture and traditional bonds. We provide for our own, strive to better ourselves physically and mentally, and keep a watchful eye on the traitorous politicians who continue to sell our children’s future.

We are a fraternity and a fellowship. We are Men and their families united to reverse the effects of Globalism.

We meet in taverns and athletic clubs, we hike the trails and we keep a watchful eye trained upon City Council. We advocate our position online, and if push comes to shove, we will stand up in the streets to protect and preserve our folk.

If you are a European man of good character, consider joining our cause. Send an email message to league_of_the_north@protonmail.com

The League Of The North

To fully grasp the urgency of our message, play each of the following videos in their entirety.

Understand that each of the great accomplishments represented in these videos are the fruit of European civilization:

We are conquerors and inventors, academics and philosophers. We write operas and concertos, create artwork of staggering beauty, and have extended our reach into the solar system. Our civilization represents the peak of human accomplishment. And yet we are told that we must put our civilization-building on hold while we foot-the-bill for diversity to “enrich” our neighbourhoods:

We must understand without a concerted effort by righteous men of our kind to reverse the work of our traitorous elite, that this could be our future:

THIS IS THE FUTURE FOR YOUR GRANDCHILDREN, UNLESS YOU ACT. You are the resistance. YOU are the future for our people.

WE are children of Evropa, and we will NEVER surrender.


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