The birth of the League of the North

Men of our ilk who are politically and racially aware (ie: “red-pilled”) tend to live in isolation. We live with full knowledge that our opinions can be dangerous to our livelihoods, our reputations, and can represent a liability to our families. In an era where pink-haired Social Justice Warriors join ranks with Antifa to riot and destroy property, publicly-funded universities lecture Europeans on their “white privilege”, and “refugees” imported into our cities at an alarming rate, speaking the truth as we see it can get you fired, ostracized, physically attacked or worse.

For several years we operated alone. Navigating the various online communities espousing traditionalist views and conservative (“alt-right”) thought brought several of us into contact with one another. What started as online camaraderie would become beer-hall meet-ups, lifting sessions and hikes. Throughout this period one thing was certain: we shared a vision for expansion of our group, to bring new members into our fold, to organize young, righteous European men and focus their energy and zeal on self-improvement and service to the greater community.

We devised the name The League of the North, with homage given to the Southern US successionist group, The League of the South. We wish to reflect that great organization’s ability to bring together men and women of European ancestry to organize and dream for a future of self-rule. We met over several months and finally settled upon a name on January 20th, the evening of Donald J. Trump’s inauguration.

We have formed a hierarchical fraternal organization with a mandate to advocate for the interests of European Canadians in the North. We are based in Thunder Bay, Ontario, but our membership reaches from Winnipeg to Sudbury.

If you are a European man or woman who is concerned for the future of your people, and you want to get organized and begin to contribute to a more positive world for your children (whether you have them yet or not), we urge you to fill out the contact form on this website, so that we can work on bringing you into the fold.